Frustration is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results…
Oh.  No.  That’s insanity.

And that just happened while I was attempting to work on some grad school work on the school website via blackboard.


No idea why it’s being stupid, but it is.  Had to do it from my phone.

Now – THAT’S frustrating!

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Mutter #558

Been over 200 mutters since I last did this.  (Since they go up once a week, you can do the math on that one.  <.<)

Anyway!  I’m glad it still exists.  (=
Unconscious Mutterings

<ol><li>Latch ::  Key</li>
<li>Standard :: Form</li>
<li>60 ::  Seconds</li>
<li>Maple ::  Leaf</li>
<li>Final ::  Countdown! </li>
<li>Bickering ::  Kids</li>
<li>Diner ::  Bitch (Yup.)</li>
<li>Nasty ::  Boys</li>
<li>Ohhh! :: So cute!</li>
<li>Leeches ::  Ew</li>

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Hello world!

The Raven has been swapped to WordPress!  Horray!

It’s way easier to update and whatnot.
EE just got – too hard for me.
Way too hard.  I had to have Yoshi do it for me.  And that’s – that’s not right.
I guess they moved away from personal blogs and into company sites and stuff because it makes more money for them.
Still.  I loved that software.  Until it was just too much for my brain.

Then again, maybe I’ve just been out of it too long to really be able to do this stuff.  Who knows.

Anyway.  I’m back.  This theme is “Pink for October” and Halloween-y.  Win-win for all.  HORRAY!

How are you, internet?


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Monday Meltdown: #25

It’s called the “Monday Meltdown” and is an excuse to just let out some of the frustration within. We all have frustration, yes? So – let’s focus our frustration and let it out on Mondays – because we all know that Mondays just deserve it. Just ask Garfield.

Here’s how it is going to work. Rant about anything that makes you angry, irritates you, or is just plain dumb. You can do it here in the comments section or on your own blog. But if you run away to your own blog, please drop me a comment so I can come see. I love to read a good rant.

I also have a button up there you can ‘steal’. Steal meaning take away to your own server. Don’t direct link. I’m afraid I don’t have the bandwidth for that one.

So – are you ready to vent? I know you are.

Mine’ll be in a separate post.

If you need ideas, try…

1. Technology Overdependency
2. Drivers Who Change Lanes Without Signalling
3. Writer’s Choice!

Go! 😀

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New Look

The blog got a make-over!
Our favorite Eliza made a Gothic theme for her new web design site – Made By $Eliza$ and I had to have it. Here it is!

Perfect timing for Halloween, really. Plus, it’s so me. I’ve always wanted a slightly “mrow!” theme and now I have one. Muahahahaha.

However – it looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better in FireFox than in IE. I have only noticed this because I *HAVE* to use IE here at work. There are several things that just don’t work in FF because the IT guys haven’t bothered to update plugins and the like on the FF. I am a sad Poe about it. Very sad Poe. I don’t know if it’s me version of IE (8.0.6001) – or if it just sucks like that.

The moral of the story is – get FF. It’s <3. (; (It’s not that it looks HORRID in IE. It just looks better in FF. (= ) Anyhoo. Thanks to Eliza for my vampire-y goodness. (=

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