Goal Setting

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, I managed to blog on a regular basis.  I visited other people’s blogs on a regular basis.  I got to know those people.  I heard about their triumphs, their struggles, even the mundane things, like the grocery store was out of their favorite snack food.

But, I graduated from college and even though I tried, I couldn’t seem to find the same energy to type out my thoughts and my feelings.  Was I growing up?  Growing away?  I wasn’t sure then, and I’m not sure now.

I still have some of those people as friends, either on Facebook or on Twitter.  But, it’s not the same.  But, that’s okay.  Because people grow.  People change.  I’ve grown.  I’ve changed.  I’m no longer the same person I was.  And that’s okay.  One should never be stagnant.  One should continue to grow.  To learn.

Since January, I have grown increasingly aware of the fact that I cannot articulate myself well in the limited 140 characters Twitter allows.  Sure, you can thread tweets.  And I have.  And most like will continue to do so.  But, really, some topics are better off as long-form post, not a set of threaded tweets.  You aren’t limited in your word choice, as you try to make it fit.

At least three times in the last two weeks, I’ve been frustrated by my lack of ability to fit what I want to convey into a single tweet.  Or a set of a couple of tweets.  Thus, I am back to a blog.  And I am determined, this time, to use it.

Camp NaNoWriMo is in April and I am going to use that to help me make a habit of writing things.  Camp is different than regular NaNo because you can set your own goal.  You don’t have to have a set word count.  You don’t even have to be writing something new.  You can set yourself to pages edited, words written, or – and this is what I went for – hours written.  I set myself for 30.  That’s a goal of 1 hour a day.

I should have probably started with 15 hours – 30 minutes a day – but, why not go bigger?  I write for longer spurts in November, so I might as well try.  If I manage 30 minutes a day as a habit at the end of April, that’s more than I have now.

Goal set.  Site updated for mobile viewers.  I think I’m ready.

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