No More WinAmp?

Sad, but true.  No More WinAmp.

Fifteen years.  They’ve been kicking for fifteen years.  I think to where I was fifteen years ago….  And realize that I was in college, basically just discovering everything the internet could be.  I started college in the fall of 1996.  WinAmp, if you do the math, came out in 1998.

I do remember using WinAmp religiously once I found it.  It played all the music I had.  It played the CDs I owned.  It provided the fun visualizations that jumped in time with the music.  It was my companion when I was doing school work.  Or when I was just being dumb on the internet.  Whatever.  Hell.  When I was – briefly – a DJ for an internet radio station, I used WinAmp to put my show together.  I played the music through WinAmp.

It was – and still is – a great player for your music.  iTunes?  God, how I hate that program.  It’s difficult and just plain annoying, really.  Maybe I haven’t tried enough with it, but every time they update it, it changes, making you start over.  Not to mention I have had serious issues with the damn thing.  My laptop stopped connecting to the iTunes store.  It did – and then it didn’t.  (If one more person tells me to reinstall, I will cut a bitch.  No  lie.)  It still doesn’t work on the laptop.  It’s annoying as hell.

Anyway.  I will miss it.  It definitely will get updated before the site closes on December 20th.  Need the last version.

Because it really whips the llama’s ass.

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  1. abraxus says:

    I was terribly nostalgic when I saw the notice about WinAMP. I too was an early adopter of the graphically appealing little underdog. I remember having PlugIns for it that allowed it to run any Music I found on mIRC back in the day as well. I recall impressing friends and family with my graphically unusual little music set up.

    Secondly, do not get me started on CrapTunes. I got an iPhone 5s this past month and while I love the Phone I hate the program it is tethered too like a drowning man. Try to add a Ringtone you did not create with an App or Buy from iTunes itself. I dare you. Try it. I spent three hours yesterday Googling ideas to try and add some Ringtones I had downloaded myself all to no avail.

    I am told it works like a charm on a Mac but I am not buying a new Desktop to go with my new iPhone..

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