New Look

The blog got a make-over!
Our favorite Eliza made a Gothic theme for her new web design site – Made By $Eliza$ and I had to have it. Here it is!

Perfect timing for Halloween, really. Plus, it’s so me. I’ve always wanted a slightly “mrow!” theme and now I have one. Muahahahaha.

However – it looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better in FireFox than in IE. I have only noticed this because I *HAVE* to use IE here at work. There are several things that just don’t work in FF because the IT guys haven’t bothered to update plugins and the like on the FF. I am a sad Poe about it. Very sad Poe. I don’t know if it’s me version of IE (8.0.6001) – or if it just sucks like that.

The moral of the story is – get FF. It’s <3. (; (It’s not that it looks HORRID in IE. It just looks better in FF. (= ) Anyhoo. Thanks to Eliza for my vampire-y goodness. (=

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3 Responses to New Look

  1. Eliza says:

    Thats because I was naughty and used some CSS3 techniques :p

    But, plus side, IE9 is much better… well, still not good, but certainly better!

  2. Poe says:

    Better is – well – better. *snirk*
    I wish they would just render things EXACTLY the same. I mean – why can’t they? )=

  3. Eliza says:

    Just had to do a quick fix – the display in IE7 was totally out. All good now smile

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