Meltdown #21

And – it’s back. The Monday Meltdown. Because, really, I needed to bring it back today. 7 am this morning – and I wanted to throttle someone. Yeesh. Ahem. Explanations for you new people!

It’s called the “Monday Meltdown” and is an excuse to just let out some of the frustration within. We all have frustration, yes? So – let’s focus our frustration and let it out on Mondays – because we all know that Mondays just deserve it. Just ask Garfield. ::grins::

Here’s how it is going to work. I’m going to post a choice for you. You take it away and go! Either in the comments section or on your own blog. But if you run away to your own blog, please drop me a comment so I can come see. ::grins:: I love to read a good rant.

I also have a button up there you can ‘steal’. Steal meaning take away to your own server. Don’t direct link. I’m afraid I don’t have the bandwidth for that one. (; So – are you ready to vent? I know you are. ::grins::

This week’s rants:
1. People who do not follow through on promises
2. Surprise projects at work
3. Writer’s Choice

You are free to rant about both or just one. Some of these rants may come back around, so don’t feel you need to do both of them so you can get it in. ::grins::

Okay! Go! If you are interested in my Meltdown for the week, it’s after the bump.

So, here we go. I’ve got Rant #1 today – about people who do not follow through. On Friday, a co-worker and I realized we needed to find a test for Monday. Okay, no problem. We could not find a clean copy of the previous year’s test. So, I started typing it while she went to look for a clean copy. She could not find one. She offered to finish typing what I’d started and put it in for our paraeducator to copy for us. Alrighty, then. I’m up for that. Meant I could go home. So – off I go, to a weekend of non-worry.

I get to work and she comes in and hands me the copies we’d been working from on Friday. She’d erased and white-ed them out – as they had been Keys, not clean copies. And she says to me – “You have first period off, right?”

Uh, what? O_o

She’d not finished typing them. She’d not given them to our paraeducator to run copies. She’d taken them from me and just – kept them – until this morning. Knowing that two other people (with more classes than she) needed those tests. Grah.

Not only that. She ran only her own copies. Not copies for everyone to get through their first class, just hers. She couldn’t even run copies for a single class for the other teacher and I. No, she gives them to me – because I have first period off.


AGH! >____< I should have kept them and done it myself. I should have known better. This woman is really nice, but she really is a flake. Just goes to show – if you want something done, do it yourself… ::sigh::

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2 Responses to Meltdown #21

  1. daniel says:

    she’s lucky you didn’t betch-slap her!

  2. Pandora says:

    HA! Daniel, how I adore you. (; You are totally right, you know. She is lucky. ::muah:: You should totally check out the newest entry I just put up. CRAZY!!

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