Meltdown #22

It’s called the “Monday Meltdown” and is an excuse to just let out some of the frustration within. We all have frustration, yes? So – let’s focus our frustration and let it out on Mondays – because we all know that Mondays just deserve it. Just ask Garfield.

Here’s how it is going to work. I’m going to post a choice for you. You take it away and go! Either in the comments section or on your own blog. But if you run away to your own blog, please drop me a comment so I can come see. ::grins:: I love to read a good rant.

I also have a button up there you can ‘steal’. Steal meaning take away to your own server. Don’t direct link. I’m afraid I don’t have the bandwidth for that one. (; So – are you ready to vent? I know you are.

This week’s rants:
1. People Making Things Easier (Only not)
2. People Who Cannot Accept the Truth
3. Writer’s Choice

You are free to rant about both or just one. Some of these rants may come back around, so don’t feel you need to do both of them so you can get it in.

Okay! Go! If you are interested in my Meltdown for the week, it’s after the bump.

I could go with #1 or #2 today. I really could. I think I’ll just go with #1 for the day. I’m not sure how long this is going to be. Bear with. Oy.

So. The Special Education department had decided they are no longer going to make copies of the accommodations for the students with IEPs or 504 plans. No, they have put them all in a computer file and just – emailed it out to everyone on staff.

What’s the big deal, you ask? Well. On the Accommodations list alone, there are 173 names. Of which I most likely have between 3 and 10. Tops. So, I get to narrow down this list of 173 names to my list of 3-10. Names I don’t know because I just got all new students. It becomes a search for all 150 of my students’ names because I don’t know who does and who does not have accommodations. (Accommodations are things like extended time, notes given to them, etc, because of learning disabilities.) Not only is it time consuming, there is a good probability I am going to miss a student’s name. And who’s fault is it if the student does not get his or her accommodations? Mine. *I* get sued. Because the ‘file’ was sent to me. I had it. Yeah. Exactly.

Secondly. This file is absolutely useless. It’s an excel file. For those of you without excel – it’s a spread sheet. 19 columns at the top. And those columns are labeled only at the top with the accommodations. So next to each student, the actual column is filled with a “Y” or an “N”. You get past the first 48 names (or less, depending on your screen resolution) and you have no idea what is going on. And, personally, even with it, it’s confusing.

No longer do I get a piece of paper with the child’s name and which accommodations that child is supposed to receive. No, I have to search for the 3-10 students I have – in this completely useless file. And attempt to make sure I decipher it correctly.


Let’s not get into the fact that the file itself is – well – illegal. (Yes, it is, actually. I have no business knowing about the accommodations of those other 163-170 students. I do not have those students, so why should I know they need accommodations?)


Some one kill me now. I’m going to get sued because the special education department is making my life more difficult in trying to make their workload less – and the administration thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Great. Wonderful. Lovely.

Bleh. >________<

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6 Responses to Meltdown #22

  1. Abraxus says:

    Isn’t it fun how people who make things easier for themselves are invariably making things harder for someone on down the line? Funny that.

    I shall rant over in my Blog, read if you wish smile

  2. yoshi says:

    I don’t know how you do it. I totally bow down to you working for the education system. I would get way too vocal and frustrated. It’s crazy.

    I’ll have to join this, but I think next week since I’m not doing so bad this monday. I know, sorry.

    Let’s play some TQ sometime though. LOL

  3. Humus says:

    Egocentric people cannot accept the truth when you confront them face to face. They only believe in themselves and see others as worthless beings.

  4. Peyton says:

    People cannot accept the truth because they simply don’t want to face the truth.

  5. Viktor says:

    And i just read what such a wonderful wekend you had. This meltdown totally sucks then. I hope things pick up though later in the week. smile I shall think up of my own meltdown issue for you to add to the list!

  6. tyranny says:

    Hmm, people cannot accept truth because it upsets their balance of falsehoods smile

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