The Really Odd Post

So, I went looking for a new background for my twitter page. Nothing. I couldn’t find a damn thing I wanted. So, randomly, I sent an @tweetygotback message, asking if they took requests. And they responded in the affirmative. And then asked me for a picture for inspiration. O_O


Tweety Got Back is now officially my favoritest ever.

Anyway. This post is not entirely about how awesome they are. (And they are.) It’s mostly about throwing all the links I find to images in one place because they asked for a link and I need about seven to try and get across the idea I had. I wanted something gothic, but more in the sense of atmosphere rather than showing off someone wearing “goth” clothing or showcasing those images of mostly naked females. More in the sense of Victorian architecture and fog and shadowed trees. Something like that. (Some other twitter background place has Twilight listed under the “gothic” category. No. Just – no. REALLY, just *NO*. I’m not even Goth and I’m offended by that. I’m just saying.)

Anyway. That’s the explanation for the following set of random links. (=
Also, I have found I am really damn picky about my Gothic. REALLY picky.

Shadowy Trees
More Shadowy Trees
Foggy Trees
Some Good Architecture
Outside Ruins

Okay, now that I’ve completely overwhelmed them, I think I will go see if they have a “donate” button or something….


Edit: Holy crap. I had to put this message down before it got buried on twitter….
From tweetygotback: You rock, @erynies! Thanks for the kind words & detailed request. It will be helpful when we start to design your dream theme!

Wow. Could they be any more awesome?

I think not. (;

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