Meltdown – 12/15

The Monday Meltdown – where you take anything which is raising your blood pressure and let your true feelings be known. Rant it out. Let your voice be heard. We all hate Mondays. Let’s use Monday for something absolutely useful. Telling someone or something where to go!

The Meltdown has undergone a bit of a change. I don’t know what number I’m on, so I’m just going to date it. And I’m not going to give you an issue. Take mine, if you like, or use your own. Comment on mine, tell *me* where to go. It’s all kosher. (=

My meltdown after the bump, as per usual.

I hate my school. And when I say I hate it, I mostly hate how the school administration and the school guidance counselors cater to the students. Granted, to an extent, it’s part of thier job description. But there’s a limit. At some point, you cross the line and allow the students to dictate to the teachers. And that is just not a line which should be crossed.

We are supposed to not only be teaching them the core subjects, we are also supposed to be teaching them about real life. Deadlines, how to work with others, how to take responsibility for one’s actions, time management.

And we aren’t doing that any more. I am supposed to be “sensitive” to the needs of hte students. I am supposed to realize they are overwhelmed and perhaps cut back on the homework. I am supposed to realize the students are struggling and perhaps make it easier by lowering the bar. I am supposed to say nothing when a student drops my class andgets a free pass on a grade as they take a completely different class, not having to worry about the grade they rightfully earned appearing on their report card. I am supposed to kowtow to their every whim, allow them to do whatever they want because they are so uncertain about their lives. I am supposed to reteach them and allow them to try things again, replacing the old grade.

What the fuck.

Get real.

Life does not work that way.

You deal with your own shit on your own time. Personal issues? Great. Leave them at home. Problems with the workload? Sorry. Deal with it yourself. Problems doing the work? Better fix that really fast – on your own damn time – or you’ll need a new job. Not good with deadlines? Better be, or you are going to need a new job.

No job I know of will allow you “extra time” for something. No job I know of will allow you to try something over without a penalty. No manager/supervisor/etc is going to sit there and take any shit you deal out because you are used to not having to worry about dealing with your own shit.

Real life is not made of one-ups, children.

Wake up and smell the reality. Because it is going to bite you in the ass.


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2 Responses to Meltdown – 12/15

  1. Abraxus says:

    Here here!

    I agree with you entirely on that subject. I honestly fear for the future of the world with the way kids are getting do-overs and such in school. Honestly when i was in school Guidance Council was there to kick us in the ass when we started slacking off and fucking up, not to hold our hands and tells us it’ll all be okay in the end.

    As for my own Monday Meltdown. I give you..Clingy People.

    I like to meet new folks. New folks are fun. Nice folks? Even better..but what the hell is up with SoulMates every five minutes in some places?

    Last night I said ‘Hello’ to a woman, she hugged me and said ‘Hello’ back so I hugged her in return (all of this online through the *hug* thing nothing physcial). Suddenly I am getting Mail through the game we both play with Kisses and jumping into my lap and she’s calling me ‘dearest darling’!

    WTF? I said Hi and returned a Hug. Now she thinks I’m in love with her? She’s asking for my Messenger Info, my Email Address…geebus! Creepy! I seriously had not talked to the woman for more than 5 minutes!

  2. Pandora says:

    Holy crap! That *IS* Creepy! Put her on ignore and run! RUN!

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