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Horray for Me!

I did it! I did it! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I posted every day for an entire month! Aren’t you all proud of me?! And some of them were good posts too! I didn’t end up posting rinky, dinky linky posts for 30 … Continue reading

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30 November FFAF

It’s here! That’s right. It’s Free For All Friday! You need to be logged in to post, but you do not need to register if you do not wish to do so, as there is a ‘guest’ login. If you … Continue reading

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Gues What!

Tomorrow is the last Friday of the month. You know what that means. (; Free For All Friday! Wheee! You get to come and post in the Box! Yes, right here. I’m all excited. I love FFAF. So much fun. … Continue reading

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Christmas Wishlist

I wasn’t sure what to post for today, so I thought maybe a wishlist would be good. (; Nintendo DS Games Super Mario Brothers Big Brain Academy Tetris My Sims Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii Games Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii Play … Continue reading

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Going to Hell

I’m going to hell. I really am. >______< For those of you thinking someone in my family got shot – no. It’s Sean Taylor. Because I live in the Washington Metro area – every single news station led with the … Continue reading

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