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No, this is not a post about how I am too tired too post. I promised daniel I’d never do that. No, this is a post about being tired. Not in the – I need sleep – sense. More in … Continue reading

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going clubbing and doing laundry

You wake up and your body hurts. Your WHOLE body hurts! As you attempt to regain consciousness you try to remember what you did to deserve this. It’s raining outside and it’s dark. Did you sleep through the day? You … Continue reading

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Because I was told to

Hi everyone, I’m posting a test post here because Poe said so, and you know what they say, if Poe says jump, you say “how high!” Hehe. How’s your day?

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Cop Out, NaBlo, and NaNo

Alright. I admit it. Yesterday’s post was a total cop out. I mean, I did post on November 1st, so it counts, but I meant to post more and – like – talk about NaBloPoMo and all that stuff. But … Continue reading

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And – sigh

Don’t you just hate it when you are asked something and either answer means you are going to be in trouble? I was asked my opinion on something recently and that was pretty much the outcome. If I said no, … Continue reading

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