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The Search for Words

As a writer, I feel like I ought to know what to say and when to say it. ¬†Yet, I feel like I never know what to say – or when to say it. The following was written as I … Continue reading

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Every have one of those evenings where nothing seems to go your way? Yeah. It’s like that. :/ Also. I need some help with EE. Anyone good at EE code? Plaise Halp.

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I Have This Problem

Hi everyone! Lucy here! Guesting in for Poe (returning the favor actually, she’s guest posting on my blog today as well!). As I mentioned in the title, I have this problem. It’s terrible. Miss Laci knows all about it. She’s … Continue reading

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Coffee Talk!

… with your host Paul Baldwin! Paul still has some conectivitis in his ganikavazoink, so Poe will have to do. (; (Or whatever Mike Myers actually said. Been a while since I saw it on SNL reruns.) Anyway. I’m watching … Continue reading

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Top Ten Men

So, Soda decided to put up her top ten dream husbands/boyfriends. I figured – why not. (; Oh, and all you boys – I want your lists. Be it top ten men or women. (Hey, I know my readership covers … Continue reading

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